Crawfish and Noodles

Date Visited:  February 11, 2023

For the Date Night Series, we are going to keep the ball rolling and have a few bonus “C” places. Fitting that it is Super Bowl weekend, we decided to hit the famous Crawfish and Noodles at their Chinatown location. It has been featured on many TV shows, including The Zimmern List, Ugly Delicious, and Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. This is another place that has been around for a while but had not made it into our rotation.

While they offer several Vietnamese specialties and fried seafood, the main draw is their Viet-Cajun menu. Pick your protein (crawfish, shrimp, blue crabs, snow crabs), pick your spice (mild, medium, spicy, extra spicy) then get ready to dig in.

To prepare for the spicy proteins, we ordered the beef fried rice. It was delicious and had a great cooling effect when the crawfish got too spicy. The beef was not overly seasoned, so it was just right to pair with our meal and did not take away from the spice of the protein. The generous portion was more than enough for 2 people.

We ordered a pound of shrimp, medium spice, which is served head on. The size of the shrimp was impressive and they were very good, albeit slightly overcooked, making them harder to peel. Served with a great dipping sauce to increase the overall flavor, we enjoyed them.

Now for the namesake crawfish. We ordered 2 pounds – one medium and one extra spicy. They lived up to the hype with great flavor in both spice levels. There is obviously a Vietnamese flair to the crawfish, and it now has a place in our crawfish rotation. Unless you are sure you can take it, we do not recommend going for the extra spicy on the first visit! Jeff jumped into the extra spicy and enjoyed them. Pam only had one and decided she would stick to the medium spice level. We added corn and potatoes to the medium spice order. Sausage can also be included in the boil, if you wish.

We paired the great seafood with Asian beer – Kirin and TsingTao – which kicked the heat down when needed. A couple of notes for those of you who have not been here. They offer bibs and gloves for those who need them. The generous portion of beef fried rice significantly reduced the amount of crawfish we could eat. While a great add, it would be best to split with more people or take some home.

Grab your friends and enjoy some great crawfish or other seafood. It’s a good time and great food.

Crawfish and Noodles – 11360 Bellaire Blvd, between Wilcrest and South Kirkwood


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