The Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant – Washington Avenue

Date Visited:  October 2, 2012

The Blue Fish is one of our new favorite sushi places. Tonight we decided to run in for a quick bite.

We started with their Peking Duck Cigars which are Peking duck, shitake mushrooms and green onions wrapped into a crispy spring roll wrapper. They are nice with a good crisp and great flavor. A house sauce was the perfect complement to the dish.

We also had the tuna carpaccio with a cilantro purée, garlic-ginger vinaigrette and olive oil. They top it with sliced fresh jalapeños. Pam opted for no jalapeños on hers, while Jeff enjoyed the spice they added. Honestly it was less like carpaccio and more like a sashimi cut of tuna. The dish was very good and the flavors married nicely, not overpowering the tuna.

We then moved on to the sushi and rolls. It was all fresh with great selections. We tried a few items outside the norm, including wasabi caviar. The caviar was nice with a great wasabi burn. Warning: it will make your eyes water but it is worth it! The unagi (eel) was also very good. We ordered sashimi portions of it, and they were generous in comparison to other places in town. The unagi was cooked to perfection, not over done with just a touch of sweetness from the sauce.

The atmosphere is modern, staff friendly and they have plenty of TVs in the bar. They have a nice selection of wine and a large list of martinis. Tuesday is $5 martini night on selected flavors (changes weekly). We recommend checking this place out!

Menu Link:

5820 Washington Avenue #100
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 862-3474

The Blue Fish on Washington on Urbanspoon

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