Cosmic Ice Cream Co.

Date Visited:  February 11, 2023

To finish the “C” Date Night Weekend, we stopped by Cosmic Ice Cream’s new place in Spring Branch.

Pam had been craving their Dark Chocolate Sorbet since she first heard they were opening on this side of town. It lived up to the fanfare and is a great treat. While being a rich dark chocolate, it is light and not too sweet with just a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate.

Jeff jumped at the chance to grab their one day only collaboration with The Blind Goat’s Christine Ha. It was a slice of her rubbish apple pie (made famous during her time on Masterchef) topped with Cosmic’s Vanilla Bean ice cream. The ice cream is great on its own but combined with the apple pie, it was amazing.

With the capability of getting great craft ice cream while supporting a local couple in their business, we highly recommend Cosmic. On the day we were in, owners Camille and Julian were making sure everyone was happy and satisfied. Hit the adjacent restaurants of Feges BBQ, Tacos Del Julio or the soon to open Blind Goat, then go next door to Cosmic as a great finish.

Cosmic Ice Cream – 8207A Long Point Rd, between Wirt and Bingle


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