Blue Onyx Bistro

Date Visited:  February 5, 2023

Keeping the A–Z theme going, we chose Blue Onyx Bistro. Located just inside Loop 610 on Richmond Avenue, it is easy to find and parking is a breeze. We visited for an early Sunday lunch, arriving right as they opened. Blue Onyx has a modern tone inside, with contemporary lighting and colors.

We started with cocktails before ordering our meal. Pam enjoyed the Onyx 76 (on the left) made with their house lavender, basil and ginger infused vodka and ginger liquor, topped with champagne. It was refreshing, tasty and far too easy of a drink! Jeff chose the Smoky Watermelon Basil (on the right) made with mezcal, basil, watermelon and lime juice. It is a great Sunday morning cocktail – light with a hint of smoke, and enough mezcal to know you are having a cocktail.

For an appetizer, Jeff selected the Wasabi Candied Tuna topped with candied wasabi and a lime vinaigrette. Each piece of Ahi Tuna Sashimi is on top of a block of Watermelon which is a great contrast in texture. The citrus from the vinaigrette and the crunch from the candied wasabi added a wonderful pop of flavor. Surprisingly, Pam enjoyed it even though she is not a fan of watermelon. We could have enjoyed eating several orders of it for our entire meal. Pam ordered the Blue Onyx Ravioli which is a large ravioli stuffed with spinach, ricotta cheese and an egg yoke, then dressed with a spicy black bean brown butter and truffle sauce. Cut tableside, it allows the yoke to ooze into the sauces. The flavors were very much on point and enjoyable with the yoke warm but not over cooked. The only drawback was the pasta was slightly undercooked.

From there we moved to main courses from the Lunch menu. Pam went with the Hawaiian Flounder topped with a blue crab stuffing over a miso champagne sauce. The Flounder was glistening with a delicate flaky appearance. It was served with steamed asparagus and lightly stir-fried Asian vegetables which balanced the richness of the stuffing and sauce. A well composed dish with great flavors, it is a great value.

Jeff ordered the Japanese-Style Crab Cake for his entrée. It is topped with an avocado mango salsa and served over julienned veggies. It is a very generous portion with a hearty proportion of crab in the filling. The crust is crispy, and the salsa woke up the flavors. The creaminess of the avocado mango salsa is a nice contrast to the crispy coating on the crab cake.

We were completely stuffed with their generous portions, so there was no room for dessert.

Not sure why we have not been here before, but we will be back. The food was very good, and the staff was friendly. For dinner, they also have a diverse sushi menu.

Blue Onyx Bistro – 4720 Richmond Avenue, inside Loop 610 by Luling City Market


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