About Us

Pam and Jeff met in 2009 at the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff and were married in 2011.  We share a love for good food, fun places and a bit of adventure.  In our travels around town and across the country, we are lucky enough to try new places.  At the push of our friends, we decided to write a blog on our travels and bring you our experience of the good, bad and ugly…..dive bars to 4 stars.

We took a bit of a hiatus over the past few years due to Pam’s cancer diagnosis – Myelodysplastic Syndrome, which is a form of Leukemia.  Following a Stem Cell Transplant and nearly 2 years of recovery, we are back to enjoying life with a new appreciation!  We encourage you to visit Be The Match, a bone marrow registry for those needing transplants to beat their disease.  Joining the registry requires a simple cheek swab, and you could become someone’s hero.

We look forward to getting back to our favorite places and all the new ones, plus taking everyone with us.

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